Letra de Old
When I grow old

And my memory

Leads me deep into the fog where it abandons me

Will you remind me

Of who I used to be

When I was younger?

When I am old

And the hands of time

Have ravaged all the remnants of my fragile mind

Will you still tell me

Of how it used to be

When I was stronger?

If time is cruel

And it takes away

All the recollections of my younger days

Please help me reminisce

Of all these past events

When days were brighter

And years from now

When I can't recall

The faces and the names I used to know so well

Promise you'll help me

Regain those memories

When my load was lighter

When we were young

And the world seemed

Full of nothing else but possibility

I still remember

Blankets of whispers

That said 'Forever'

But if autumn comes

And your love for me

Has withered like the leaves that fall from every tree

Will you lie to me

So I can still believe

That you still love me?

That you still love me?