Letra de Maps Of Reality
I suppose in your mind you believe you were right That the matter doesn't rest heavy on your shoulders But be careful of the ones you wish to indict Blame is merely in the eye of the beholder Perhaps the time is right to look yourself in the eye Take inventory of the world you see around you Look at the allegations you were quick to deny And ask yourself if they could possibly be true CHORUS Distorted maps of reality Are tearing us apart Fan the flames of fallacy And watch the truth depart Belief is what you make of it A creation of your own If the outcome is unfit Let your conscience take the blow It's everybody else's fault besides your own But perhaps the finger's pointing in the wrong direction Consider that the root of all that you bemoan Is pictured in the visage of your own reflection I don't expect your view to change, my God, why should it? You have yourself convinced that you can do no wrong There's not a chance at all that you will ever admit The cause of this is you and has been all along (CH) Distorted lines become an arc become a circle The words entwined until the very meaning is gone The truth is something for which you can find no purpose It's just a starting point to drape more lies upon I wish you luck, I really do, because you'll need it You can't avoid reality for too long And everything collapses into waves of regret When you finally understand that it was you who was wrong (CH)