Letra de Decades
Time is like a serpent

That devours its own tail

The coils grow ever-tighter

With each moment it inhales

A foreboding sense of deja vú

That cannot be ignored

It's hard to help but feel

We've seen and done this all before

History be damned

It's only progress we embrace

Our eyes closed to the circles

That our memories re-trace

Arrogance & avarice

Distort our field of view

A re-run culture takes your past

And sells it back to you


Decades pass and years go by

Days dissolve into the ether

Condense like clouds

And come raining back down

But we are blind to this debris

Piling up around our feet


And it's killing us

Fear and loathing paralyze

The populace throughout

Disengage the rhetoric

That brought this all about

Overcome and overrun

Pretend all this is new

Surely we'll be hailed as heroes

When this all is through


Our memory is short

We throw all caution to the wind

The story's changed so much

We can't recall how it begins

Foresight is an absent friend

We left in distant days

Reflection makes us realize

The error of our ways