Letra de Darker
The world is asleep with it's head in it's hands
Unable to meet such dispirate demands
Cries of frustration resound in it's head
And strewn at it's feet are the souls of the dead

Tearing the fractured divisions apart
The tandem destruction of brothers in arms
Crying for reason with none to be found
Engulfed by the ominous, deafening sound

Has it grown darker or am I slowly going blind?
The day is fading, all our fates are intertwined
Without the light of wisdom what else can be done
But fumble blindly until at last our race is run?

Events resonate long after they've occurred
The lines between passion and reason have blurred
Its hard to find balance on unsteady ground
Instead we just pray that a way will be found

Acting on impulse without any thought
Ignoring the lessons our precursors taught
Emotion dictates what our actions will be
With no room for logic and little for peace


Shadows spread out like a river of ink
Devouring the sky as the sun starts to sink
Counting the hours till it rises again
Instead of relying on light from within

Permanent nightfall, a total eclipse
Darkness takes hold with its sinewy grip
We begged for this outcome and now it's arrived
Cursing its name with our echoing cries