Letra de Complacent
You're growing complacent
You forgot what it all meant
And chose the path of convenience

The road you took to where you're standing now
Was fraught with obstacles that tore you down
They made you drown

The path of least resistence called your name
A status quo you tried hard to maintain
But it wasn't the same

Sweet denial, take your leave
You must have others to decieve
I'm so tired of drifting backwards standing still
So throw the towel in, if you must
Give up hope and give up trust
And I promise you'll drift backwards standing still

Something changed in you when you gave up
When you decided that you had tried enough
The price was too much

The inconsistencies seemed plain to see
A swift departure from reality
How blind can you be?


Sung to sleep by sychophantic choirs
You preferred the company of liars
Who made you feel admired

But one by one they turned their backs on you
The ranks of your detractors grew and grew
When they learned the truth