Letra de Angels & Demons
The voices whispering inside your head,
Confine your thoughts deep inside cells of noise.
Confusion carries you into the dark,
Where everything it touches it destroys.

Patterns of shape and light disorient,
What happens when you can't trust 'trust' itself?
Blinded by the glare of anarchy,
Igniting violence that you meant to quell.

You speak with angels and demons,
Even though nobody else but you sees them,
Their voices grow louder as they ready to attack.
Screaming their secrets like poison-tongued sirens,
Bathing you deep in emotional violence,
You're lost in the desert with no one to lead you back.

When reality becomes non-sequitur,
With every sense you have deceiving you,
You don't deserve this terrifying life,
Hold tight to the tether you're connected to.