Letra de 30 Kft
Hello, if you're there pick up the phone
I'm calling from 30,000 feet above you
The captain's just informed us that our plane is going down
So I'm calling for one last time to say I love you

I'm not certain how much time I might have left so I'll be brief
I'm sorry if this message only amplifies your grief
But I couldn't bear the burden of never having said goodbye
And the pain you feel I promise you will go away with time

I'm sorry I won't be there to see our children grow
Please tell them that I love them more than they will ever know
Tell my family and friends how much I love them all as well
Surely we will meet again but only time will tell

I'm sorry most of all I won't be there when you grow old
To be there by your side and keep you warm when you are cold
Excuse me but I think my time is drawing to a close
So I've one last thing to tell you now before I have to go