Talk Me Down Letra

Assemblage 23


Letra de Talk Me Down
Calm this raging sea
That churns and boils deep inside of me
Quell the hungry fire
That threatens to engulf me

Love, deliver me
From disastrous sobriety
I have lost my way
And I'm looking for a beacon

Out of fate's control
As the winds will howl and the waves will roll
Overwhelming me
In its elemental fury

I'm crashing on your shore
With my arms outstretched and my body worn
I just want relief
Before it overtakes me

Talk me down
I'm on the edge and peering over
Talk me down
I'm up too high and I don't want to fall

Out from underneath
The tyranny of disbelief
Clear the chaff away
Stir the cobwebs that have gathered

I turn to look around
And you're shattered lying on the ground
I reach out my hands
To gather up the pieces


Calm this raging sea
And I'll carry you as you carried me
Through the hungry fire
Untied, yet entwined

Find another place to sow your seed
All this land is dry
And the soil no longer fertile