Letra de All of Me
You took my kisses and you took my love,
You taught me how to care;
Am I to be just the remnant of a one-sided love affair?
All you took, I gladly gave,
There's nothing left for me to save.

All of me why not take all of me,
Can't you see I'm no good without you.
Take my lips I want to lose them,
Take my arms I'll never use them,
Your good bye left me with eyes that cry,
How can I go on dear without you.

You took the part that once was my heart,
So why not take all of me.
"All of Me" as written by Matthew James Aitken, Peter Alan Waterman, Michael Stock
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, ROUND HILL MUSIC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, EMI Music Publishing
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