They Outnumber Us Letra


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Letra de They Outnumber Us
[Verse 1]
All of these hands, they are holding me back
Pushing to the storms of regret
I tell them no, they won't let go
Still they plague my mind with this.
Leaving empty compromises I cannot complete
But now I leave this room feeling so freaking obsolete.

But they outnumber us, those with the false dreams
Never to be seen again after today.
Washes away with the tide every day
Every day a new breed
They're trying to tear our lives apart
Sickening it is
From the start

[Verse 2]
Right is wrong with you
You don't see things through
Things said proved untrue
Give me one good reason why
I should listen


You don't have to listen to
Find a way to escape their
Do not ever hurt yourself
Live life the way that you would

Who are you to tell me who to be?
Who are you to tell me anything?

(Thanks to jwkse for these lyrics)