A Familiar Sound Letra


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Letra de A Familiar Sound
This feeling, it is deepening.
The sense grows with every breath.
Your win, your loss, no matter
It's all in the same poor spirit,
And all that's been lived is isolated
This internal struggle kills me!

Why have I let this take me so far down?
Losing the battle is the least of my concerns now.
After all, winning the war
Is the priority here.

It digs deep
Into the corners now
Plotting against me is a feeling
I know so well
Symbiotic ties begin to tangle here.
And now, we shall test their breaking point.

These trying times call for trying measures
But it just isn't worth it anymore.
(You're not worth my time!)
I shrug my shoulders,
I will not let this bring me down.
(I will rise above the rest!)

(Thanks to jwkse for these lyrics)