Letra de Let´s Roll
Lets Roll Intro (Arabface – DubG – QB) Yeah hehe army of wahed representin man Cmon everybody Woo yalla Shako mako ( شاكو ماكو ) We will party Cmon every body cmon every body Kuwaiti style you know what I mean All night long Hot damn We will party Hot damn say what All night Masma’ ( ما أسمع ) All night long Masma’ masma’ ( ما أسمع ) Verse 1 (DubG) Hot damn here comes the man I drop a little rhyme just to make you understand The privilege and genesis of something so ridiculous Uh wait a minute ok Tell me what you wanna do now what what what Rock your body uh with a tender what See I can keep up I’ll make you loose your breath You just sit and say my name while I do the rest Cause i Wanna take you home So We can get it on With Or with out our clones We can act bad till the break of dawn Tell me girl what you say about that On the ben we can lay it out flat Caress your bagy as I hit it from the back Oh I know you think its phat Chorus (QB – Daffy) x2 All the fellaz in the club lets roll “lets roll” All the ladies with your bodies like wow “like wow” The night is young and we rocking it for sure We gonna bounce all night lets go “lets go” Verse 2 (Kwe) Ive been given the green light and I got my mode on weapon A1 is back with a brand new weapon Aint no half stepping We coming full effect Spitting dope rhymes over beats that break your neck Don’t sweat the teqnique like racking up on me From the k u double u a I t we speaking araby And we are never gonna stop until we finished I eat my spinach and im quick to stop my rhyme at scrimmage Aint no stopping me now im going all the way So better luck another day with the better play Haters sya what they say but I aint hearing They coming down a dozen but soon they’ll be disappearing But im here to stay I aint flash in the pound (ayo kwe why you tearing up the club) Cause I can If you aint already in don’t come knocking We cant hear you were to busy rocking Chorus (QB – Daffy) x2 Bridge (QB) “965 baby” We will Party All night Long Verse 3 (Daffy – Arabface – Spyro) NG don’t stop the beat Break it down on the floor Everyone move your feet Make them loose control To all the ladies on the dance floor Shake it shake it till theres no more Let me see you get down (oh oh) Let me see you touch the ground (oh oh) Were the army of one (oh oh) And that’s the way we roll stop drop and roll to the floor keep looking around you see me no more lets begin the show with the lyrics i blow the S to the P Y R to the O i'll be pulling up trees directly from the roots catch me when I giz and im blowing off the roof tying up my shoes putting on ma jewels get ready to roll i got nothing to lose with ma two girls two chains two guns two tims riding on the limo twenty two rims Im mysterious when i rock the beats I'll be serious when i walk in the streets don't be curious, when you get of ya seats im so furious when i rip off the meat I'm over this get ready to leave yup Hook (Daffy) Oh ladies You know what time it is Lets ride yeah Army of one yeah Put your hands up put your put your hands up Yo ladies Put your hands up put your put your hands up Yo fellaz Put your hands up put your put your hands up Everybody Yeah yeah lets go jeeb I will beat What what lets roll What what what bring it up bring it up In your face Lets roll what what cmon Put em up put em up Cause we gonna bounce all night lets roll Bridge (QB)