Letra de The Snitch
[Intro: Armel]
It's all good, you need it now, watch yourself son
You know the ave. is snitching, God, be careful

I was playing on the corner, with some real dough blockers
Cuz someone was try'nna eat, using Crime Stoppers
Millions of people a year, with no fear
Switch, on some gangsta: now snitch
Now I can understand, if you're old and gray
You feedin' pigeons, you tend to make gullible decisions
Thugs these days, can't face themselves
The young would rather be free, drop dime and tell
The old, too much to lose, and choose to ride it out
Start to analyze the margin, cop a plea bargin
What's a good time to snitch, if your seeds involved
That's a deep question, that I'm asking y'all
Or, you was there and had nothing to do with it
You had no idea that duke was gonna get it
It all happened so fast, couldn't think twice
Murder, Nobel, facing life

[Chorus x2: Holy Smokes]
Time to load the gats, mind intuition
Numbers got them snitching, frail as hell
Pacing in they cells, they revoke then bail
Mind intutition, numbers got them snitching

Never been to jail, a week, seven years
Sixteen, charge him as an adult, your worst fear
Try to call your man, they don't pick up the phone
Call baby Mills, she on some "Leave me alone"
Call your Old Earth, she said "I'll pray for you"
Ma, I need things, there's nothing I can do
The lawyer called, listen, they said you facing the chair
Look we need to know names and exactly where
Surrounded by street laywers, considered your peers
They know everything about your case, but nothing about theirs
You tried to fake and read the rights that was given to you twice
By an older God who was doing Wisdom, God to Life
To fight the case up in here, no clothes, no nothing
People holding you down, soon they think you stunting
Gats wanna click that, grimey mental
A decision that used to be far from simple

[Chorus x2]

[Hook: Armel]
Gangstas don't snitch, gangstas be snitching
Gangstas don't snitch, nigga, I got pull
Gangstas be snitching, gangstas don't snitch
Gangstas be snitching, ask Sammy the Bull

America's Most Wanted, informants, your neighbor?
Don't hustle on blocks with neighborhood watch
The jewels that was given, he ain't listen to a thing
So the choices that he made, gonna cost his scheme
Your imformant made a deal, but cops reaching your squad
You sent the wire, to kill him before he reach the yard
Snitches used to get stitches, bats often
Now, they need to see coffins more often

[Chorus x2]


[Outro: Armel]
I know, I wasn't suppose to blow your spot up and shit
But it's real, man, it's real like that, man
And watch the companies you seek, man, knahimean
Your best friend, can be your enemy, man, youknowhatimsayin?
You got your crew snitching, you got mixtape snitching
You got your lady snithing, your girl snitching
Your mom snitching, God, oh my God, I'm out of here, man
Yo, D, man, stay away from them snitches, we out