Letra de Headline
[performed by Armel, 12 O'Clock, P. Sunn & Rev Burks]

[Intro: Armel]
Uh-huh, KB's, yeah

Think you faster than a bullet, if you can, let him live
If you can't, tell his kids, daddy need to exercise
Couldn't let him slide, though, patience is a virtue
Leave it up to Christ to hurt you, nah, I'd rather do it
And I'll talk to him later, creation to creature
You don't deserve your physical, death is one syllable
Devil I consider you a waste of space
So smart that you stupid final resting place
I'm small, dark hole where your body turn cold
And your spirit, start to wonder, and your family, start to ponder
Where the hell is my son, I'm home cleaning a gun
They ain't seen him in 80 days, until he reached front page

[12 O'Clock:]
Sick time to shut it on 'em
I bought 'em for my police officer granddaughter
We feed 'em gun powder, put dust in they water
I'm out in Florida, sniffing cocaine by the quarter
I'm in the strip club in Mexico, next to the border
Getting head from this pretty chick, sitting in the corner
Where we looking real rich, so they pushing up on her
Me and P burning kush, got them burners on us
And it's cold outside, got them snorkels on us
And it's Wu, muthafuckas, how the fuck do you want it?

[Chorus x2: The Reverend William Burk]
They say we no damn good, they say we too damn hood
I say I'm misunderstood, come follow me if you would
And step into the mind of a madman, with cash plans
To stack grands, dirty dollars to pass hands

[Prodigal Sunn:]
Yeah, I know you feeling us, the return of the Killa Beez
Another trilogy, twisting up vanilla leaves
I peel a hundred D's, we leaving with metal reefs
Settle like some cheese, mellow off some green tea
Deep as biology, ladies wanna follow me, swallow me
Addicted to my lively psychology, P
The ace in the pocket, I'm always on target
You want it, I got it, fire like the fuel from a rocket, uncock it
The lock and the key, many rocks in the sea
But G-O-D be the Clan of the century
A hundred grand for every man, we living it up
Yo, cash in the cup, let the fans know what's up

[Chorus x2]