Letra de Squeegee
My favorite mystery, sensitivity, synesthete, familiar energy
Centered knees when winners lean
Shea buttercream, lang-lang, rubber knees, that's gang-gang
Our pancakes were buckwheat, my bonnet pink, that's upkeep
I frustrate, I tuck face, I can't crease, I hold weight
Three-fifth water, more than one way
He swing left, the sun blink, come play, concrete crumb cake
Some stay, some wait
You should go the fuck home, waving yeast, waving yeast
Check the pedigree, no edit necessary
It is because I said it be, let me breathe, if it's better, leave
As it is, imaginin' a chasm slims, our path was pure
And we don't feel so bad asking for more

Ah-ah, ah-ah, sincerely
Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah, sincerely

He put together a good two, three weeks, up early
Hit the park, sun, rain, sleep
Workout in the dark, like I said, up early and early to sleep
Fresh groceries, stop eatin' meat
Nigga barely even smokin' weed (Nah)
Just one time when he had seen Mark and them in the street
Just two, three hits, just so, you know, it was no disrespect
They danced around it but didn't press
The fronto burnt his chest a lil' bit
Felt good but felt better when he dipped
Took the long route, something in his stomach pit, sick
Thinkin' what if someone follow him to the crib?
Prolly not, but still, from the head fish rot
He squat by the window sill
The whores go back and forth
The landlady bill come under the door
He can hear 'em carryin' on through the floor
They gettin' wet in the hall, smell like the morgue
The taste in his mouth just like before

Ah-ah ah-ah, sincerely
Ah-ah ah-ah-ah, sincerely

Are you a drinking man, Reverend?
No, it doesn't help
Nah, I suppose not