Sir Benni Miles Letra

Armand Hammer


Letra de Sir Benni Miles
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
Would you gather round please?
Please, hurry up, thank you
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to disturb your dancin' and enjoyment, but the reason I'm calling you this evening is—

Dreams is dangerous, linger like angel dust
Ain't no angels harboring
Ain't no savin' us, ain't no slaving us
You gon' need a bigger boat
You gon' need a smaller ocean
But here's some more rope
Barefoot in the bush burnin' dope
Kush smoke out my big nose
My favorite game is lеt's suppose, let's suppose
I askеd the question just to see it in your face
I already know, the answer never mattered
Every night, he'd drink and piss up the mattress
Kept turnin' over and backwards 'til he threw it out
Laid on the box spring like a cactus, madness
Some slowly go, some just vanish
Don't make a promise you can't keep
Don't make a keepsake outta grief
I can't promise anything
It's pills to help you sleep
It's ill, but you're like krill in that cold deep
Alcohol seep out the pores like gills
Air squeeze out the ocean floor
Leviathan swim with open jaw

(As many times as you need)
You need permission to have an issue with me
I'm not privy to the stories you live inside
A home of all history, I just bend the rhyme
Though mystery, God, deepest look inside
Thick fog in the channel, rando pseudo Rambo, bad camo
Armed to a T as in tango
Let the brains blow
Bald head in Kangol
Televised game show, strange soul, raw scam
I ate a roll in shibasa and hopped up
Workin' on my posture
I'ma slap box Judge Mathis and Judge Wapner
Hot stuff, crock pot all rocked up, lock step
E'rything for sale except for the scale, props bro
Eight arms at the last grab
Put em on the glass
The number's fine, but his math's bad
Guns and butter for king crab
Claws pinchin' my skin tag
Yo, holler back, black
Brass tacks double for wind bags
Green grass and blue flower
Seaweed snack from Okinawa
Four leaf facts
Don't be your Weisenheimer