Robert Moses Letra

Armand Hammer


Letra de Robert Moses
Can God forgive us?
For what we've, uh, done to this world?

This time we left the pedestals empty like Bamiyan
Fitted the Bentley with the car bomb, bend the knee
Rep the team, Iwo Jima, Christ the redeemer, more life
Mike outside the arena, the Rucker, Jimmy and Cam running out they sneakers
C Gutta, LaLiga, Willie Mays wind at his back
Frozen and freezin', project shadows deepen
Rusted home plate plaque
Lock the meteorite in a black box
R.I.P. murals but also, fuck the opps
Dead men tower over city blocks, I built a church atop
The synagogue where you built your mosque
Dead men side-steppin' the morgue, pitchforks
Gas reek from the torch, mummify, eyes peep like a pit boss
Rayful Edmond III when they need another Ricky Ross
Mandela smilin' forever, what's clever?
Joseph Stalin stylin' on 'em, who better?
King Crimson out the guillotine, you must not got the newsletter
It's a new day, man has no property in man, the dead have no say