Falling Out The Sky Letra

Armand Hammer


Letra de Falling Out The Sky
She dropped a load on me before they closed the door
I be with nobody who know what's goin on inside
My father body swollen behind my eyes
I ain't cry for him in time to return solo
We on the ride forward, the reverse not workin'
Sometimes it collide, the black sky full of supernovas
The stars that died, no light
I'm still rootin' for us
Two foots in the soil (Right)
Rhymes force to conjoin us to the cosmic
Spliff burnin' like crude oil
Cool water drip like osmosis
I set the mood for you, you know the vibes
Today, I got time for it (Today, I got time cuz), run, Forrest
Five on me like I'm Bob Horry for the tribe, slime
Mamba mentality, stars falling out of the sky, Sly

He was a star, when he, when I got him, he was a star
Sly told ya that Everybody Is A Star
The only problem is, some people haven't been put in the dipper and poured back on the world

Woke up on the West Coast for the first time of my life
Drove cross country, but I remember those flights
Genuflected when I heard the weed price
White boys with the weed pipes
Sunny days, sunny nights, mighty clouds and northern lights
I was always bright
So, no sooner than we touched down
I'm seeing how we could get home and be right
It's hard to live in the moment, but I guess I had a gift
Hawaiian so potent, zonin' off bong rips
I painted houses all summer, they paid by the shift
My boss was an enterprisin' white kid
Eagle-eyed everything you did—shit gig, but I didn't quit
MJG and 8Ball spittin' out the whip
Spliffs with keef at the tip
It felt sleepy at night, but I like that, felt like you could relax
Like you could disappear, like I wasn't surrounded by the past
Months passed, and we goin' back
And in the back of my mind, the plan already hatched
The door panels already stashed
Illinois state trooper just waiting for time and space
To cross our path

It's daydreams that I love. Where you might be controlling some of the thoughts, the dream takes over, things are unraveling before you without your intervention

Walkin' four corners of God's country
Group calesthenics and morning fog
Catskill views, cats still yawnin'
A few hundred miles from hot garbage and smog
'89 find Airmax 90, first run
Fresh lungs, sweet blood
Light bugs spark blackness, back at the annex
Past bedtime, kissin', prayin' nobody catch us
Zap, baby powder homie sock if you fell asleep first
Pummel body, la-di-da
Batteries added, vicious cycle, hurt people hurt people
Days of summer, carefree, haven't found an equal
We all knew the Isleys before the Beatles
Red moon over the rec room in direction of discovery
Idle time wonderin'
Thumbin' 70s Ebony mags, drippin' red ICEE on the pages
Learned to swim in a pool where a boy drowned last year
Wax in my ear
I heard voices I couldn't make out in the deep end
When I dipped my head under—come again?
Burrs stuck to my socks
Pinch every few steps on the way to the graveyard
Old man Cropsey's hand in my foot locker