Black Sunlight Letra

Armand Hammer


Letra de Black Sunlight
(Never too far)
Took the haze to church
Frankincense and myrrh
The whole thing was a blur
Laughed at first
Niggas' politics absurd
I ain't even answer, just let the weed burn
Unconcerned (You bring the skies out)
Spray your perm
Armand Hammer, Hagler and Hearns
Shorted 'em like Bear Stearns
It's not a abberration, it's how it works
Chuckling at the investigation, niggas is nerds
Cook the books with the book worms (Oh word?)
Iridescent blackness
Is this performative or praxis?
Are we talkin' bout practice? (We talkin' bout practice man)
Rock the kufi backwards
Magic negro, Wesley Snipes taxes
Dark inside the Ibex with two ratchets
African accents, American names like Dave and Patrick
(You bring the skies out)
Game is the game, just gotta change tactics
(You make the night [?])
Revolvers to automatics
Back to revolvers, nothing is static
Black bastards, negro humor, laugh in the casket
Yellow teeth, incisors flashin'
Some nights the sun shines, just gotta catch it

For all the world, for all the world
For all the world, for all the world
Never too far

Smile niggas
Trials rendered in my full expression, stressin' (Ayy)
Pressure cookin' then I got your message, blessin'
Honor self, picking pocket, finding joy, blowing off the lid
(You bring the skies out)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, with all that binds
We deserve to be up out our minds
Black prioritize, cup runneth over, what the heart provide
I got five on my shoulder, drawing closer in these darker times
Heart and mind, target garden eyes
Free the captor, sliding through a gap tooth
Might not be no after
I yield to where the path pulls
Ooh, it's gon' get ya
Caught up in the snafu
(You bring the skies out)
I don't want the rift, blood
I don't want to explain self
(You make the night [?])
I don't want to constrict love
I want [?]
I ain't never hold myself to make the song sell, sell
Ayy, for all the world (For all the world)
Ayy, for all the world (For all the world)
Smile nigga
(Never too far)

And I got the promise for my people
And you mad, 'cause the promise is coming