Letra de Aubergine
Psychiatry started exploring these methods in the nineteenth century
Charcot was interested in the, in the psychiatric disorder called hysteria
And he began using hypnosis, uh, to command away symptoms
Whether these people actually have visions of a past life is not the point
They believe they do

Condition, fortress and convention
Force [?] an entrance, a door
But there were other senses
This is vision with a vengeance
This is radical ascension
This is one for me, Kendrick, where you at?
This is breath for the winded, clarity is conflicted
Smokin' [?] then I listen
In the valley, intervention
Take my time, for a spell being strengthened
A renewal, I reflect, I remember
I been gassed, I been runnin' off potential
On a path, I might fast, sweep the temple
Mop the floor, wipe the window
Life before life essential
I'm in the now, I'm in the now
I'm in the now, I'm in the now
In the space, searching central, keepin' tempo
Can't complain, it's the sun I resemble
Many color streaks, sky to the East, rise to the peak
Pink hue like heat peak synthesis
Star circle my vicinity
If you givin', give it willingly
This'll cleansify your [?]
Purified by the ocean
Fully charged, I'm a sun, I'm a star
I got range, I know just who I are
Weave what he want and it's still on the one
'Cause I wander, don't mean that I'm lost
'Cause I wonder, don't mean that I stumped
Bending wills to exactly what I want
I've been hunted, I've been shielded, I feel love here

I feel love here, I feel love here
I feel love here

With the truthfulness, which impressed you, would be ideal
Almost that he himself would just return from the journey
Existed only [?]

I send brothers to the store, I keep something in the cupboard
I'm stubborn, I am my mother's love measured in eyedroppers
Burnt rubber from the coppers
The eye doctor left shocked, my third eye
Don't believe me? Just watch my chakras (Still hot at night)
Shots pop in the hills of Caracas
Negroes shoot for the top, I always had poor posture
Traps packed with dead lobsters, bottom feeders
Doped in grappa, basic, penne alla vodka
You order off the menu, chef hand made me latkes
I don't care, I don't be counting niggas pockets
Westworld, niggas re-rebooting, recyclin' the same shooting
Rappers tired, inertia the only thing keep 'em movin'
Glassy-eyed in the stu', that street, date looming (You know who)
Toast coriander and cumin
Crush fragrance, slow circular movements
In the garden, nascent, she let me ate it, I'm only human

You're home and dry
I don't understand francais, je..
How many time?
Relax, don't be frightened, it's fine
Will you come on a cruise with me to, um?
Only if I have the top bed