Sexual Athletics Letra

Ariel Pink

Pom Pom

Letra de Sexual Athletics
They call it sexual athletics
It doesn't rhyme with anything
That's why I'm the sex king
Sex king on a velvet swing
Waiting for my Alice in Wonderland
To come along and knock upon my door
If I'm who you were waiting for
Cause I'm a sexual athlete

Yeah, that's right
I'm a sexual athlete
I'm sweet
Eat raw meat
Don't admit to defeat
Some say it's bittersweet

Gimme a S-E-X-U-A-L
Sexual uh Sexual uh
Gimme a S-E-X-U-A-L
Sexual uh Sexual uh

What kinda sex are you talkin' about
It's time that we scream and shout

Let's go to the emotional Olympics!


Sexual ugh

Sexual athletics, sexual athletics
Sexual diversion, don't call it perversion

And all I wanted was a girlfriend all of my life
But she's too sexual

Sexual athletics for the lucky ones