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Letra de The Real Sin Savior
Parody of ?The Real Slim Shady" performed by Eminem May I have your repentance please? May I have your repentance please? Will you tell Him "Save me" and please stand up? I repeat ... will you tell Him "Save me" and please stand up? We're gonna have to prod them here Y'all act like you never seen a nice person before You oughta hope in the Lord Your panting tongue is just thirstin' for more You started lookin' around searchin' cause you're Uncertain you're sure you know where you're goin' eternally If you return to God ... ah, wait, no, wait, we're sinning We couldn't get saved with the things we did, can we? And Dr. J. says -- nothing you did is such a grave sin It costs you salvation Ha Ha ? Heavenly livin?s above every man "Chick-a-chick-a-chick-a he's crazy! I'm sick of them ?born agains? Walkin' around askin' if you know God ? speakin? of You Know Who Yeah, but there's no proof though" Yeah, probably got a couple of you who think I lack proof But no worse than what's goin' on in America's classrooms Sometimes I wanna get on TV and just spread the truth But can't -- but the school can tell me we come from evolution "My mama was a fish -- my mama was a fish" "And if we're monkeys you might as well forget original sin!" And that's the message that we deliver to little kids And expect them not to question on their own if God exists Of course they're gonna wonder if the Lord's fake By the time they hit fourth grade They got the Easter Bunny and Santa don't they? We ain't shinin' examples Well some of the scandals are caused by people posin' as evangelists But if Jesus loved His enemies and Pharisees Then there's no reason that you can't get another chance and believe But if you feel a slight chill -- I got the anti-freeze This is not a fantasy -- it's important and it's free I've sinned greatly, but Christ's for real, baby It's a wonder He saved me and just didn't hate me So won't you tell Him "Save me" Please stand up, please stand up, please stand up Yes, I've been crazy, yes, I've been real shady Always wanted Him to save me, but just didn't say it So won't you tell Him "Save me" Please stand up, please stand up, please stand up Will Smith don't gotta discuss the Christian path to salvation Well, I do -- it affects him and affects you too You think I give a care if he likes my parodies Half of you kiddies won't even look at me, let alone stare at me But J., what if we pray? Wouldn't we be weird? Why? Would you guys reject Christ just to fit with your peers So you can live in fear for the next 60 years This ain't imaginary better get prepared The price of sin yes it costs us dearly with death first And when that part is over if you ain't saved it gets even worse Little chance they'll put me now on MTV Yeah, it's true, but I think he'd scare all the kids -- ree ree! I said now's when they oughta know and John 3:3 It shows the whole world how they need born again to be free I'm singin' you little girls and boys spoofs All you do is ignore me Though I have been sent here to inform you And there's a million of us just like me you judge like me Were just like triple fudge ice cream; we're just quite sweet You watch Saul in Acts 9:3 You just might see you're just like him -- You're not fightin' me I've sinned greatly, but Christ He still saved me From a hundred temptations and death, sin and Hades So won't you tell Him "Save me" Please stand up, please stand up, please stand up Yes, my sinned shamed me, yet I've been healed lately God the Father forgave me from messin' with Satan So won't you tell Him "Save me" Please stand up, please stand up, please stand up I'm like a breath mint you listen to but I'm only givin' you Things you thought about in your head with my religious group The only difference is I got the call to say it in front of y'all And I don't gotta be Paul -- the Book I quote has it all I just get out a Bible and read it and whether you like it you need it As sure as I can see that better than 90 percent of you happen to doubt me Then you wonder how can kids give up their values I tell you it's funny Cause at the place I'm goin' when I'm buried I'll see the only person in the world I know who?s worthy He's the first and last and I'm J. Jackson I'm the worst And I'm a jerk and Jesus knows that but my braggin' wasn't workin' And every single person needs a sin savior urgently You could be working on a burglary or sittin' in a nunnery Or keepin' part of the law perfectly screamin' "I don't sin that much" Puttin' Christians down sayin' "It's just a crutch" So if you're still waiting please stand up Cause this wonderful singer's time is eaten up And it's time to get off your behind and out of the row Come on down -- now is your chance -- how do I know? CHORUS I guess there?s a sin Savior for all of us ? Let?s all stand up