Smells Like Thirtysomething Spirit Letra


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Letra de Smells Like Thirtysomething Spirit
Load up on grunge and be depressed It?s fun to do for two minutes There?s no award for self absorbed Before you know you?re 34 You?re old, you?re old, you?re old, how old Man, it?s nice out, and this day is Made by God, now, celebrate it Life is too brief, let?s complain less You Nirvana imitators Look at Dave Grohl, for example Now he?s cheerful, like the Beatles ? yeah! Now worship?s not what I do best It?s hardest if I feel depressed But when I do exalt His name It always helps to kill the pain Hallel, hallel, hallel, hallel We?re alive now, and this day is Made by God now, and we?re plain blessed Don?t be stupid couch potatoes You?re not Elvis in Las Vegas Try to not go avocado Try to be mo? jalapeno ? yeah! And I forget things while I praise Oh, yeah, His blessings make me smile I?ve found it?s hard ? it?s hard to whine And yell with Heaven on mind Hallel, hallel, hallel, hallel When we?re wiped out, and this day gets Very hard now, and it drains us I?ve ready through this in Isaiah Wait on God now, and He?ll take us From the bottom of the barrel To the ski slopes, fly like eagles Jeremiah 29 the ?leventh line does Let us smile ?cause better times are set to find us Never mind Doug, Wendy Whiner ? get on fire!