Letra de Simp Litztik
He came into this world for the rejects Look into the Bible - then you need to size up the facts Dwell upon the facts - and learn about His grace Everything's in First Corinthians Verse 1:28 Hey, i think about the day when the world He came to save went astray and they nailed him to a tree How He stuck with 'em though they did that stuff And went on just to suffer and got lumped with us all (Hey) like the chumps, like the tramps, like the drunks Like the punks, like the bums, like the scum like us all We've all been really bad (Oh?) No one is really good (No?) It's kinda sad - Christ's the laughin' stock of the neighbourhood And you would think He'd try to prove 'em wrong But Christ He suffered like I said, stuck up on the death cross He said that they just made a mistake And God should give 'em a break - we oughta praise Jesus' name Saved us from Hell, what you want me to say? I know why and I can't deny He did it all for the crooked (Come on!) the hookers (Come on!) So you can be bad lookin' and still get up to Heaven! Still get up to Heaven! Still get up to Heaven! Why did He save those bums? Why did He save those scum, huh? Can't figure it out, but He said it in Matthew 21:31 and still they didn't get it He came to treat the guys who were diseased Cause the well don't want a doctor's help or hospitality He had to get 'em all better Like tax collectors, harlots and lepers and self-righteous hecklers (Hey) like the chumps CHORUS I'm goin' to Romans - just so you'll read verse 3:10 Religious Pharisees - They'll tell you - They're very good That's easier said than done Psalm verse 53:3 - Righteous? No not one Jesus alone - Jesus alone - Just Jesus alone What we wanna say is humans don't obey And I could quote the same verse in Psalm 14 verse 3 All have gone astray but you can know the way The righteous ones are scarce here - we're all in need of grace What's it gonna take for you to go and pray 'Cause Christ just wants to save you and all you need is faith CHORUS Matthew 21:31b Jesus said to them,"I tell you the truth, the tax collectors and the prositutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you."