Letra de One Way
It's been one way, take a look and see, up to Heaven, the Bible says it plainly
False faith and philosophy can't get ya to Heaven, come back to Jesus
He's the way and the living truth
You realize that all those false gods couldn't help you
Yes indeed, He's forgiven me, and He can still get you saved if you say you're sorry

Holy cow they got you hoodwinked with the pagan god thing
I think you're looking at also rans
But some of this superstition though it might be called religion
Finds find you sizzling with the devil in the fryin' pan
It's not like the Bible says it one time
More like 300 times it says there's only one avenue
First Corinthians chapter 8:6, the Bible says this
You try to tell me that it's not true
I think you're making a mistake, I'd like to take and wake and shake ya
Like to tell you how to find yourself the way there
Cause Jesus showed us and we know where every soul is gonna ago
Unless they confess Him as their Lord and Savior
I cannot help it if I think there's one way and you're mad
Tryin' hard not to sin but you're still bad
There's a time to die and after the funeral
Then you'll understand what I mean when it's too real
I have a tendency to stand behind John 14
John 14:6 could be my favorite Bible verse.

It's been one way, take a look and see, Deuteronomy says it pretty plainly
5:7 the passage reads: "You shall have no other gods before me"
(You can) read Exodus halfway through
You read that line in chapter 20 'cause it's there, too
Yes, indeed, chapter 20, verse 3
Now, it's written in two places for you, and you saw it

Check into China, the Chinese Christians
They haven't done zip but they're chained up in prison
Cause they read their Bibles with the lights on or cause they prayed once
Or cause they spoke on their religion
In America it's more like getting dandruff, they see you stand up
They snicker when they see you passing by
They'd cure us all of all our bad flaws, they wanna make laws
But if they did they'd have us sterilized
They get upset at anyone who tries defining God above
They're so alarmed they always try to start attacking
Their attitude is that you're rude and that no truth is absolute anyway, babe
So let them think the wrong thing
I cannot help it if I think there's one way into Heaven
Kinda hard to ignore Matthew chapter 7
I can find the line in Acts chapter 4:12
Cannot be saved by the name of someone else
I have First Timothy to verify my beliefs, there's quite a bit to read but 2:5's the verse

It's been one way, take a look and see, drop your guard and your pride and say I'm sorry
Bible says what you have to do
It says you just confess that Christ is Lord, He'll come in you
Believe that He's risen, too, you'll realize you're born again, I wouldn't tease you
Yes, indeed, we can all be saved
But there will still be too many who won't say they're sorry
And still Jesus waits till we say we're sorry
And still Jesus waits so please say you're sorry
At least God don't speak in code like Hammurabi