Letra de Look Yourself
Look, if you have one God
And one offer of eternity
That exceeds everything you've ever wanted
With one opponent
Would you ask for it?
Or just let it slip? Yo

He parks his Chevy, needs sleep, heart is heavy
He's thought about repentin' already, sun is setting
This church is not having service it looks almost dead as he
Drops by but they keep on the electric
What a ghost town, he knelt down, don't know how
He opens his mouth just the word “Help” comes out
He's broken down, yet his heart is open now
The lost one's found, winds up homeward bound
Heads back to his family – Look who's home, daddy
And, look, he's so happy, he chose his own path but he
Won't give up babbling, he broke his old habits they
Don't seem so bad to me, hope it's some fad
Like new Coke or Shaun Cassidy
Don't need no radical holy-rollin' masochist quotin' old passages
That's what'll happen then, though, he'll go fanatic-y
Better go batten the hatches and hope it don't last

You'd better look yourself in the mirror
You know that you wanted to get to Heaven when you're old
Do you really want God or not? Is it yes or no?
It's awful soon you say, but what is the right time?
You'd better look yourself in the book since you own it
In Romans, you never read it yet I know
You only get one shot to God, here's your chance to know
His offer to you may come once in your lifetime

His soul's been saved even though his whole family's gaping
This world is blinded by Satan – they can't see
As he moves forward – it's true George Orwell
The moral of the story is truth's ignored, emotion's most important
He'll only cause problems, the Holy Ghost got him
He blows him all over, he knows the call's on him
Goes to go show his bros at his Alma Mater, “Welcome Back, Kotter”
They know he's just one of their own, so don't bother
Said, “Go home you barely know the Our Father”
Well hold the phones cause he knows it holds water
If those don't want him no more he'll go farther
And he moved on and he read the Romans Road till he knows it cold and shows others
He's on his soap box and his tone becomes bold, I suppose he's no martyr
But the weak grows strong and the dumb becomes smarter


No more names, I've been changed, but you call it strange
To tell my mother ‘n father truth off the true God's page
I was saying if you've been sinning pursue God's grace
I've been shooed off and spit at like Rudolph the Reindeer
But I kept shinin' a lamplight that I can't stifle
You best believe somebody paid for my revival
Call the name of Christ and go find a Bible
Fact is I can't deny that I'm liable
To die if my plans collide with life's iceberg
Like the Titanic ‘cause man needs God and you can't go buy a lifeboat
And it's no movie; there's no surprise survivors
This is high tide and you're tryin' to row hard
And you're hittin' deeper waters tryin' to flee piranhas I see
Plus seaweed's got ya caught up between PBJ Otter and Bikini Bottom
Babe it's not a submarine you're on and you must believe the Son
He'll save you on the spot, He's comin' ready or not
I've got to be to the point just like a nail on the cross
I formerly was lost, horrendously frail and fraught
With questions I know how Mother Hubbard's dog felt – famine, drought
Mom, I love you but this world has got to know
I cannot grow cold when Hell is hot
So please don't go into shock
Let the family talk
This way is their only opportunity to find God


You can do anything if He gets inside you, man