Letra de Ephesians
I'm not allergic to working
But many things religious people do
Are cause they think they're earning
A Heaven they must work their way into
But no one has to pay before they go
The Bible wants you to know

I've found salvation is free
And changed why I do good deeds
From reading I started to do
In Ephesians chapter 2

It's not about our virtue
It's something that's a gift we get through grace
And all the things for good you do
Are just the icing you put on the cake
Ephesians 2:8 makes all that clear
That's why I'm leading you here

I've found Ephesians to read
It changed how I view good deeds
Salvation is not what we do
Are you reading it too? Are you reading it too?
Are you reading it too? Are you reading it too?

Another perfect person
Was Heaven-sent to do those things for you
And so no one who's saved can ever boast
In any one but the Lord

I've found salvation's a tree
And faith's what you use for seed
But grace is the start of the roots
And good deeds are just fruit
1:9 Second Timothy shows
And Titus 3:5 says it's so
And Romans provides added proof
In 11:6 too