December 5 Or 6 BC (Oh Holy Night) Letra


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Letra de December 5 Or 6 BC (Oh Holy Night)
Oh, holy night
Late December 5 or 6 B.C.
Was a special time in history
In Bethlehem, oh, holy night

Oh, holy night
You know we still don't even know the date
The time of year or month when Jesus came
Celebrate it every night

Oh, I, I got a funny feeling that the Lord ain't amused
When we fight about which holidays we all should use

Oh, holy night
It's not timing that's the vital thing
Jesus never changes seasonally
Late December or July

Why raise a fuss about which holy days are better?
Those things are shadows now and Jesus is all that matters
Oh, holy night

Scholars ain't sure 'bout the birth of our Lord
It could 6 B.C., 5 B.C. 4
The current way we figure out time was not designed
Till 500 years after Christ arrived and died
And the guy who tried to find the right time when Christ had died
And designed the time line with B.C. and A.D.
Should get a B, C, or a D for sloppy math
And maybe a new abacus on top of that

Oh, wow, Colossians 2:16, let no one judge you
In regard to sabbaths, holidays or what's good food

Oh, holy night
Put the tinsel on the tree tonight
Read along in Romans 14:5
Celebrate it when you like

Frankly in the valley of death He's a powerful shepherd in December or whatever date the calendar sets
I think I counted 11 months without it and yet
The Christmas holiday gets a vast amount of attention
So I thought I would mention that we don't know just when the holy blessed event took place

It might have been May
The Bible ain't specific about the month or the day
With Orthodox Christmas it's January 6th
For the rest of us Christians December 25th
But the most important thing is that Christ is Lord and King
And that's all the more reason to lift up the Lord Jesus
In all the four seasons

The Christmas rush may be over in December
But up in Heaven they'll be praising the Lord forever
Oh, holy night
Oh, holy night
Oh, holy night
Oh, holy night
Oh, holy night
Oh, holy night
Oh, holy night