Cornelius (Cecilia - Simon And Garfunkel) Letra


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Letra de Cornelius (Cecilia - Simon And Garfunkel)
Cornelius - was favored by God He prayed to him constantly, daily Oh, Cornelius was in the army A pagan believer from Rome Cornelius! An angel from God Came straight to the spot he was praying Oh, Cornelius! Acts 10 in verse 3 The angel said Peter must come to your home Makin' lunch in the afternoon Where was Peter? Up on Simon's roof He went up on top to pray And the Lord sent some men there to take him away Cornelius said, "Hey, can we start? We're waitin' upon what you're sayin'" So Cornelius, fell down on his knees But Peter said "Please do not" so - he got up True salvation! They trusted in Him They called on the Lord there on that day To the nations that once were in sin God opened the doors there on that day