Letra de Mantis
This life that sees no future
Paying for mistakes that have been made
Set to a metronome of endless disgust
This ruthless world of repeating patterns.
Dwifting away into this unconcious state
Night slowly comes to set me free
Who have you become?
What have you done?
These are not your dreams
This is not your home
Take back what is yours
Destroy what makes him real
Take back your reality
The time has come now make your choice
The clock is ticking
You're running out of time
Will you be willing to take your life
To save a life with so much promise?
In such a selfish world
You were the blind and ignorant
You will step up to make the sacrifice
Starring through the eyes of your reflection
Let this blade show you your destiny
I make the sacrifice
I am the stranger
Through death I give you life
I made the sacrifice
A new beginning
Once blind I let you see