Letra de Ludovician
It comes from the depths of knowledge
In the wake of languages dismantled
Its waves are drawing near
Sink or swim I'm drowning in it
Words of the past filling my mouth
Sea of text and rhetoric
These symbols are filling my lungs
Decending humanity
Inside my memory
Sinking deeper and deeper below the surface
Crushed by waves of dead text
My memories from the past tell me to hold of for this will all end
Falling faster and faster into the depths
My world starts to fade into darkness
Ludovician, you come to take my soul
You come to harness what makes me real
I grab to reality
The strands of light have disappeared
This book will set me free
Drop to the floor
This text will tear the fabric of reality
The ocean that once was there
Has been replaced
With the word that I once knew, forgotten
My world has come crashing down
To the fabric of existence
I have forgotten my way
This nightmare is eating me alive