Letra de I'm Done

You say you wanna be him,
this image you want so bad.
But can you tell me this why didn't I have a dad?
15 years go by,
and now you wanna be in my life.
you think it's that easy,
but your cutting me like a knife.

I sit here thinking wondering why,
do I give you this chance or say goodbye......

...Because I'm done, I'm gone,
you can't do this to me, I went through this too long.
Because I'm done, I'm gone,
I gotta move on, you see. Cause my heart is too young.

*Verse 2*
My heart is beating for you,
with this overwellming feeling.
But how do I know this is true is this the end or beginning?

Our relationship started,
over your guilty cause.
You have two kids to be with,
does this matter to you at all?

(repeat bridge 1x)
(repeat chorus 1x)
You don't know the pain you've caused,
the heart ache and strained you've caused,
But do you care? Then why are'nt you here?

(repeat bridge 1x)
(repeat chorus 1x)
Now since I'm done,
and you are gone.
You can't be who you wanna be,
and thats your fault

(Thanks to bjrbk productions for these lyrics)