Someone Loves You Letra

Anthony B

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Letra de Someone Loves You
[Intro: Anthony B] Big up everybody wha tek time 2 appreciate the one they luv I mean the one true love, step over Look in the eye and say [Chorus: Aiesha] Someone luvs u honey, And no you will my guy Someone loves you honey, More than anyting in the world [Verse 1:] Big up my woman cause she love me unconditionally She go shoppin for me at the mall, Full her trolly With my love she don't play no monopoly Knock me out just like mohammad ali Nothing I can do without thinking about her Can't eat, can't drink without her Outta sea, ship boat sink without her Phone answer anyting I call her Say she love I, I never doubt her Give son and she give me ah daughter She's my spouse, queen inna mi house One I love the most from pillow 2 post, Let's toast [Chorus] [Verse 2:] She prove it high tide, low tide, shes always around Good time, bad time, she will always wear my crown She nuh luv me fi mi money alone Mi ragga ragga style, nor mi cologne She nuh luv mi thru mi rich and famous The only way dis end a if judgement calm us She kno I'm a real man, I'll neva abuse her Thru I'm a real king, I'll neva use her, so... [Chorus] [Verse 3:] No cheatin, no beatin Dis luv is an example, it's no retreating No heartbreaking, no foresaking Absorb everyting she take in She prove that she's a soulmate Never yet witness love wha so great Can't break dis commitment, hold faith Nightime when I come in and so late Catch her inna d kitchen try 2 fix mi ah hot plate Nuh ningningning, she nuh wan mi migrate Shess, I can't even explain So mi just accept it when she tell me seh [Outro:] Always try 2 remember, one hand can't clap One feet can't run, bird can't fly pon one wing You got 2 have a queen if you are a king It's anthony b doing his ting And fi the ladies we sing Bringing reality in all dimensions, direction, direction Right here, from the corner 2 every middle section So just receive it and play attention Mek it boom off, empress luv dem, always luv dem Mother of the earth who bring we, luv we Mi dey ain't even talk no further mek the song...