Engage Catch Phrase Letra


Shakedown Tonight

Letra de Engage Catch Phrase
You won't even hear me coming. Flattery honed like a radar detector. I've mastered the art of procrastination and I've come prepared for situations alike. We'll be fine, alright. Cause we're sick and tired of disguising regret through complexities and catch phrases. Cut the transmission! Burn down the radio lines! This town could use some excitement, it'll be fine. Shakedown tonight! Awkward eyes or a clever disguise, two glares, three stares, try it on for size. You won't even hear me coming. Catch phrase engage it away. Manipulate the masses; this town could use a little excitement. Tonight could use some exaggeration. Catch phrase engage it away. Oh what a day. This place will eat you alive. Yet like a drunk game of dating we search for meaningless moves. Dance to a different beat. Shakedown! And the band played on.