Dressed To Thrill Letra


Shakedown Tonight

Letra de Dressed To Thrill
We prefer to be categorized in sub genres. We opt for meticulous separation. My apologies for I haven't been myself lately. I am not at liberty to say but I can tell you that timing is critical. Modulate me. It's oh so typical. Excite me. Switch up the protocol. All options have been exhausted so we have resorted to slightly embarrassing means. I am dressed in black eyes and IVs, attire you wouldn't be caught dead in. This car ride is cutthroat. My eyes are bloodshot, my veins are blood clot. Don't look now but we're driving this thing right off the edge of the earth. She read my words and swiftly replied, "You're sad as fuck." She read my words and didn't say a fucking thing.