Letra de World Expired
Dying is all I can see
Through my eyes
The world is black
Black as the night
For centuries we have been slaying ourselves
It doesn't make sense
Like a suicidal crowd we are

My sword I need no longer
The evening wind will carry me home...

Sickness, desease...
Reverse alternatives of a good life
What is a "good life" ?

Morbidly formed: the life is like a time bomb
Ticking and awaiting world's expiring

(Then it explodes, leaving nothing behind
Even non-existence of the world won't exist
War is hell... but we want it so much... )

The deeds of the mankind are not reversible
No regrets are allowed
We corrupt ourselves
And as we roam through our lives with death by our side we all shall... die

Faces are looking at me
From the depths of space and time
I can't believe
45mm is now pointing at me

Choirs of the Mother Earth
Crying like a little child
We betrayed our own world
Forcing ourselves towards the end
And it ends with our time

A newborn day has come
I want to see your faces
Falling in, falling down
I'm falling down into the pit
Where our vipers spit on us
Instead of staying the hope has moved away from my mind

Countdown to the new age has begun

Now watch your step...

World expiring!

Government is runnig down, hall of heroes can't stand
This is it, this is the end
Now I finally can turn my back

No saviour is coming this way
As well as we can die, we can kiss the world goodbye