Ode To The Meteoric Banishment Letra

Antarktis Utopia

Promo 2002

Letra de Ode To The Meteoric Banishment
So the sky shed blood and tears were shattered forever
The land became a frozen desert as the sun melted down
Just like a thorn in mankind`s flesh this coldness
Will suck the life from us and from far above us

The sky has gone mad
The wind blows colder and harder
Take thou thine hammer
You`re still under the everlasting sky

No one prayed for the four winds
The winds that witnessed the weakness of humanity
Which collapsed... and fast!

Every day is suffering to be
Trapped under this cursed damned sky

If something in our minds or in our hearts had told us we`re yet to be
Living in the darkest nightmare that we could dream...

After death our souls won`t go to Heaven
As it has fallen