Midnight's Eternity Letra

Antarktis Utopia

Promo 2002

Letra de Midnight's Eternity
Underworld, here I call!

Whelk! What is this beautiful form that I have come to?
Am I blessed or cursed by your gift from the Underworld?
What is my existence? Am I surpassing my abilities of my former life?!
I´ll hail you by my own death

Evil creations of maximum operations
We have been bathed in the blood of our dreams
Somber dimensions, worms crawling beneath our skin
The blackest disease drifting in and out in our minds
What are we now?
What were we then?
Nothing can hold forever
Is this worth losing our dearest?
Or is this even worth losing our enemies?!

Yes! My mind cannot resist you as I raise my sword
Towards... My light...
From now on there is no light in my life...
Just the wings... to the Underworld!

Called by sign we gathered together
And started to seek our furious god, Agazhiel
Flames render the silence...
Awakening the hungry beast...

Midnight`s... Eternity...
Touch me... Let me roam free...!