Letra de I Of The Enemy
I'm alive and I remember - my memory is correct
There's a state of war
The fight against my own creation has just begun
The oppression... it must end!

My people... you the strength in my arms and the holders of my dreams

You, the strength in my arms and the holders of my dreams...
You are my people, human beings and not my toys

The years of war obscured his mind
Slaying his kind!
Supreme, untouchable!
His human mind could not withstand the pure hatred breaking out from his brain
And that is what betrays him...

And he feels...

The oppression must end!

Only motion that he can feel
The beating of his heart
Sending a message he's still alive
This man begins to realize...

His sense of worthlessness

No he knows that he is just a simple man
Driven by ambitions
Betrayed by his mind

A man of no control
Fighting himself by himself
Weakening on his own
Won't let him go for what he's done
He's the one
Drowning in memories
Captured by the fragments of truth

Struggling all over the land in his head
Imaginary wars can be found inside
Enduring every day in that bed
Regretting the years he has spent in this ride!

He has no ways to justify his deeds, this locked-up dictator
Not even knowing where reality and illusion meet!
Decomposing, rotting away!