Rock In My Hand Letra


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Letra de Rock In My Hand
I'm the volcano everyone warned you about
I'm your friend that never forgets what you're about
And I won't be caught up between a rock and a hard place
I'll just look you in the eye.

The rock is a symbol on which I stand
And if you mess with me again I'll take it in hand
And I'll break through the lies and I'll break through the pain
And when I'm all done things won't be the same.

And as I walk away I'll hear you calling my name
And when I look back I'll see nothing but shame and a shell
Of a person made up of the remains of a life that never worked out your way.

When you say one thing and do another
It's time you start seeing how you affect others
And you can't walk your talk when you're just babbling off
Dead bodies of useless knowledge.

So now I walk my talk on this journey where I stand
With this song on my breath and a rock in my hand
Rock in my hand
A piece of the remains
Rock in my hand things will never be the same.