Something Like That Letra

Ant Banks

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Letra de Something Like That
(feat. J-Dubb)

[Intro: Ant Banks]
Hah yeah, Right about now
Ant Banks and J-Dubb in the mothafuckin' house
Oakland is in mothafuckin' full effect
Aiy, mothafucker kick the beat in
And let's do what we do
You understand what I'm saying?
Aiy yo, J, what the fuck we gonna call this shit?
Tell them what you named is

Yeah, Something Like That

[Ant Banks:]
Well, let's do it

Back by demand, now we big as fuck
Because you was the public, you should know what's up
Big Thangs got us swoll, it was more than gold
It was the hit cause it was based on some crazy shit
So our final conclusion, has been permitted
Punks made us a target and knew that we would hit it
But that was a part of showbizz

[Ant Banks:]
Aiy yo homeboy
Why don't you tell them what your name is?

Now, for the record it's Dub, and on the streets it's Villain
Squares keep chillin' cause I'm peelin' like Matt Dillon
On Gunsmoke, but I ain't the man of the law
I'm livin' raw, smokin' weed by the nuts with cough
And pullin' stuff
Niggaz better check their necks
I put a hex and shoot with slugs
And all the wrecks with techs and bullet vest
And every bitch I met would bet I kept it wet
Cause I'm a pimp but don't sweat
And players don't test
Now, who the man in the mass?
There ain't no reason to ask, I'm just gettin' my cash
Cause that's the part of the showbizz "ha ah"
Aiy yo homeboy

[Ant Banks:]
What's up?

Why don't you tell them what your name is?

[Ant Banks:]
Ant Banks, the Big Bad Ass
The nigga that's known for twistin' bitches when I tap that ass
I leave them stuck on stupid "stupid? "
And known for stressin' "uha"
So now, let's get the motherfuckin' session goin'
Flowin, it's time to start throwin'
Rhymes, so keep in mind all the Dollars I'm foldin'
When everybody knew in the time "yeah"
I'm just a down ass mothafucker goin' for mine
Unlike a lot of niggaz who claim they're gettin' busy
Tryin' to be like me but can't fuck with me
You need to quit runnin' off with the mouth
And nigga thank you, for stop puttin' that bullshit out
It's not hard mothafucker, you could do it fool
Tryin' to make somethin' funky and original
You're either talkin' about busters and bitches
What you gonna do, "yep" or you can't do shit

[Ant Banks:]
Ha ha awww yeah
That's what I'm talkin' about, Dubb
These mothafuckers don't know what mothafuckin' time it is, nigga
Fuck it [Burp]
I guess we gotta kick another verse

[Ant Banks & J-Dubb:]
This is real shit, somethin' to fuck with your ear
J and Banks will appear, the pimps of the ear
To fuck it up like we always do, and that's the trick
Sayin' some shit to make the bitches wanna suck our dicks
But it's an everyday thang
Of the heezy, for sheezy, with the Oakland slang
Bitch, now we're back in the house and your appartment
So open your door, by the way, so we can start it
Test the monitors and the call is mic
Cause the way we feel, we're gonna fuck it up tonight [Echoes]

[Ant Banks:]
Awww yeah, Ant Banks and J-Dubb
Yeah, shootin' much respect out to them Old School, O.G. Niggaz
N.W. mothafuckin' A
Yeah, you know what I'm saying?
Aiy yo J, what fuck we gonna call this shit
Tell them what you named this?

Yeah, Something Like That

[Ant Banks:]