I Can't Change Letra

Ant Banks

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Letra de I Can't Change
Trade mark yeah (Ant Banks) Up grave and broke in the hood to straight platinum I hardly underestimated niggaz Started rappin Made a mill in this shit quick And flippin birdies And I'm still in it - gettin richer I know you heard me I got the money The power the fame So why quit it? My momma says son nigga do that shit So keep it real and don't ever change Cuz you only live once in this derty game (Captain Sav'em) I hear you Banks but I'm havin a move swing I'm startin to split Sittin here reminiscin about all this bullshit Motherfuckers ain't knowin I´m like a kilo of them Try to shake me up and brake me down turned in a mo game My daddy wasn't around All I got from him was nathin My niggaz my dogs laced me about the bulletproof waivin Whether it's in the game or in the gain Fool I've been told Done sold more yak and records I guess I 've been so (chorus) 2x I can't change the way I flow (I can't change) I can't speak with I don't know (don't speak on it) But if you ride for me and I'll ride for you nigga And that's how we roll (Rappin 4'Tay) This is for the ghetto This is for where we come from And fuck the punk ass cpos I used to run from Tryin to give retirement and plushed out environments Still quick to break when I hear the fuckin sirens Killaz and cunts timers guns Ridaz this's for all my niggaz on the run Reminiscin from doin dirt in the game Pushin work in the game (Ant Banks) The feds think I'm mivin keys cuz I'm paper holdin Supplyin G's To my homies in the streets rollin That's what they called em But never The niggaz been havin paper forever And puttin it down for years And nobody could do it better Always stay heated For the case and bid Keep the stinky man Van in the cut If ever needed Don't repeat it Cuz hear hustlaz Always listenin Speakin on shit And don't even know Then come up missin (chorus) 2x (Captain Sav'em) I was major Thursty,had a nap for this shit Sellin you know Tryin to get some Uno's Up in this biatch Stuck and starvin was on the main menu And that's all that it was Had motherfuckers trippin in shit With all that blood and crip shit Cuz started out of the street pharmacies to street promotion It's all the same Anyway you look at It's to sale products for the cash and for the fame (4'Tay) You can take a man out the ghetto But can't take the ghetto out the man Plus we used to fall in the gangin them grands Raise spot Pimps,hustlaz and pushers,cold killaz Northern killa kali so ? my niggaz Upon a cornerblock Tryin to follow the phat nut Givin everything you got Hopin the nigga don't get popped And if I do it Then the consequences are the grind You say how owe you are But motherfucker get aline (chorus) 2x