Letra de Drinks On Me
(feat. Captain Save M')

[Ant Banks]
A nigga bored as fuck
I've been sittin here perkin since four o'clock
with a fifth of Remi in me, gotta get me to the club now
I'm feelin freaky, I can see me makin love now
Time to roll out - call Kevin it's a quarter to eleven
Come scoop your homey up and hit Club 227
It's like heaven, bitches everywhere and they dressed all tight
Fill my hoe up with drink and we fuckin tonight

[Captain Save M']
I know I seen her in a magazine, but maybe I'm trippin
This drink got me slidin when I'm ridin then I'm sippin
Just made it to the club and already got some action
Maybe it's the candy 500 SL that got 'em reactin
Once you in girl you ain't gotta think about a drink
Just meet me at the bar
You and your partner, me and my cousin Ant Banks
We can do it live one time just so you will notice me

[Chorus: x2]

Drinks on me baby, all night
All the drinks that you need baby, drink on
You can drink, get your double up, drink it up
Drink it up, baby girl, til you ready to fuck; (I said)

[Ant Banks]
I got my Rolex glistenin and the bitches be whisperin
Ant Banks is gettin the pussy and they know I be listenin
and I'm peepin out the haters who be hatin my name
Don't hate the player motherfucker hate the motherfuckin game
It's a shame I'm the regulator
I'm at the bar buyin hoes brand new seperators, back it up baby
Ss-slow baby, take your time
After two more of these drinks, shoot, that ass is mine

[Captain Save M']
Might just be me
but you're movin like one of them private dancers
Doin your duty, bumpin and grindin on ME, with your big-ass booty
Baby got me twisted, if she think it ain't all gravy
As much money as I spent on you, you must be my lady
Half-black and filipino is ingredients that I be
Got me holla'n UNNNNNNNGH, How You Do Dat Dere like Master P
I Got the Hook-Up, from XO to Alize to Hennesey
It's the artist formerly known as Captain Save-a-Hoe
Now you can have


[Ant Banks]
Bitch on the dancefloor feelin it
She got a drink in her hand and the bitch spillin it
all over me, gotta lick it off
Got my hands up her coochie getcha wet and soft
I know you love it, youse a tramp and you know it too
It ain't too much shit yo' ass won't do
I'm playin with the titties, now baby showin em
Cause bitches let the drank bring out the real hoe in them
You know?

[Captain Save M']
They say that Freaks Come Out at Night so let it be
I'm tryin to get nationwide with these freaks like BET
Once again like they say the gin'll make you sin
So babygirl let me ask you: let's be friends!
Let me quench yo' thirst and I'll make it right
with some full-service drinks all through the night
Oh, you wanna show yo' ass and act bad, well scratch yo' itch
Yo DJ, cut the music, so I can act like
my other cousin Too $hort and call this babyhoe a BEEOTCH!