Letra de Gamblin'
(feat. Ice T)

yo, What's up player
this is Ice-T, now you know Ant
I wish I could be there baby
representin' with you, on this Big Thangs Album man
but right now, I'ma outta here on these Gamblin'
we got in the Mediterranean man
we just floatin' man
I'm up in them about 18.2 and the dice is hottin'
you know, a real player like me
ain't gonna let these mothafuckers cool off man
I got to keep shakin' and rollin'
and you do the same god damn thing nigga
don't let this game cool off
this is going out to the real niggaz
now Ant, don't worry about them player hatin' bitches
faggot-Ass-niggaz out there
they ain't never gonna have nothin'
you know what I'm sayin'
there always gonna be me
how I do the real pimpin' to a player like yourself
don't worry about them niggaz man
step over them niggaz, you know what I'm sayin'
no need to fuck up your shoes steppin' on them
this is Ice-T, I'm up outta here like I'm stole somethin'
Seven, God damn, I'm loosin' the Section
I'm out, I'm breakin' out, Awwww shit
give me my money, give this bitch