Letra de Eternity Ending
Once the realization hits that everything done in life means nothing
That every race and pretty face and all the different paths we take lead back to the same fate
That's when moments in my pointless life begin to need to mean so much.
Because one day simple words won't sum it up, and memories could be all I am left with.
When wisdom was within our grasp and we shared between each other all we could, and freedom was the ultimate reward
All those summer nights and midnight skies
Summer freedom was a countdown in disguise
Our youth was the crime, now we're serving our time
But with all that we know, we know we can never look ahead or behind.
Because it's living for moments in life, just like on those precious nights
When we stared at the stars, and decided death didn't have to seem so far.
And how wise we seemed, said we never dreamed of anything further from reach than deep down in our own calloused hearts.