Letra de Deny
"I can't" I said, "what if you kill me?" The last spoken words I'll ever have to regret. you can't love without me? I can't live with you. What if I can't live with you leaving me? Or did I leave you? thats what you say. Did you come to deny all we ever were? Or did I come to realize all we would never be? But what if I can't breathe without you? Or maybe I couldn't breathe with you. Unanswered questions fallen to the floor. Broken promises we had to ignore. It's always easy to deny when you've got someone else standing by your side, but what about me? Could the empty impression in my pillow lead me to see forgotten impressions I once had of you? What if you're sorry without me? What if I can't sleep another night alone? I never felt more alone than when I was sleeping with you. We'll both move on, I'm sure of that. At least until we both look back. You've got someone new to taste. As for me, all my cigarettes and open wounds taste of you. Did we stay up late making plans to last us a lifetime? Our love for each other had no rhythm or rhyme. Could I prolong this misery if I swear I love you? I swear I loved you. So you'll go on and spread your denial...as for me, loving myself will be good enough for a while.