Letra de Rise Supreme
Brothers rise from the profanity...rise.... rise to your earth! wasted.....wasted life... I don't care, words are lies
lies!!!!!!! rise , fall, rise again, new breed, show your master!!! Rise!!!!!!!!rise ,fall , rise supreme, shut down, show your master!!!! generations defeated , throw your hate upon me /liars die, no more sin, you now rise to be free
proliferation of evil sensation your soul belongs to me... incisions in minds conciously blind the world walks towards deceit! the world walks towards deceit!!!!!!
rise from the inferno to sucumb the urge /hatefull deception adding to the scum /bring thy fiercest demons..to destroy....
thou shall hang on the cross of death! macabre slaughter of christian flesh /our weight on their graves they must bear!!! our weight on their graves they must bear!!!
rise the breed , rise the sons of the satan! acking with pain, melting the brain, hating!!!
walk through your land, once wasted land,