Letra de Prophecy Of Chaos
Ancient minds already knew /what was to come....the end!!!! language of destruction, depredation values,
modern technology, modern ways to kill /TO KILL!!!
massacre of all life, false compassionfor the fellow man chaos now befalls, the path's still narrowing
the lights fade to BLACK!!!!!! terror is installed ...their prophecys of chaos were truth
now it's to late to believe /there's nothing else we can do...
armagedom sets in/ blood soaks the land /reflection of our selfish ways /curse that poisons our destiny
forseen the rapture /you couldn't have imagined /your life erased in dust /
prophecy of chaos arrival of judgement day /pitfall into the flames of hell /our flesh is consumed by our own hate
death takes place, devastation slays, only lonelyness /imense dementia, void of destruction, nothing has remained, future won't exist , past is forgotten, are they happy now? now that we're gone...history was erased, forever to be dead, entire holocaust, ashes are all that's left... where is your savior???
where the fuck is your god????????