Letra de Blind Guidance
Useless, no salvation /Blasphemy is human nature /Unstopfull dreams of torture...
Thoughts of pain, pain is wish /Inside my mind i seek for this
Stupidity, ignorance /How many tales of ignorance? /why still believe in this shit? why still believe in this shit?
slaughter your mind, the truth wil be horror for you! dumb fuck! asshole!why forge th truth? why propain the forgery?sinners! sinners!one must not prevale among others destruction!liars!unnoticed we rise before you, soon you will fit in my hand, I'll blow the light off your head! Feel the pain they bestow on you.hate in the veins what the fuck will you do?solitude, loss to itself/horrendous, site of itself /judgement day, punishment day /prepare for death, inferno waits for you /hell is here, hell is here you fool!
is not my god!! who is the one that brings pain to the brothers and creatures? no wizard, no master, is not my god!
whatever power that unites, im the king of it all, the hour of blood will bring me power, I'll kill your herd
sinner! you're not my god!!!insane in the brain, madness is the way /terminate the race, extinguish the game
sinners, your not my god.....
blind guidance!!!!!