Letra de Testimony
Swallow your own words
Don't talk back to me
Swallow your own teeth
Broken by my fist,

We are the testimony
Of your genocide
So easy to laugh at your stupid lies
So easy to laugh at your jesus christ

Burn the churches and temples of christ
Kill the false prophets who smashed their own kind
Your birth completely in vain
Pick up a gun and blow up your brain
Must die ignorant scum
Deserve this world of shit that we have to live on
Misery, cathastrophy
Is the only reason for living just suffering?
No!!! No!!!

Conspiracy is not the word
It's the revenge of the world
I taste your blood with my tongue
Soon your dead and so's your son

Don't you dare try to hide
There is no escape
You've been judged and the sentence is death
There is no more to say
You are the one who disgrace everyone
Too bad you'll burn in flames
Congregation of false domination
No more disease in our land

Through the fields and over the hills
Body parts and blood will spill
Fury, rage inside our minds
Black blood flows inside our veins
Finish you and all you built
We are strong and we won't quit.

Thunder, lightning, horrid nightmare
Wake up bastard! fuck you, fuck you!!
Can't do your job, can't do nothing
No toys, no games, no more slavery

We will torture you
We will slaughter you
We will rip off your skin
We will brake up your bones
And you won't be alone,
But neither will we
Understand what I mean?